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Hello there!

Pixel Folks is a small visualization studio in Monterrey, Mexico.

We create beautiful images that allow us to express the design and beauty that our clients create in their projects.

Pixel Folks was conceived with the idea of working hand in hand with great architects and designers. Photography, Design and our passion for Architecture make our work something exceptional.

It has been 7 great years since we started working with the best architects in Mexico and the USA, we have grown not only as people but also as architects, interior designers and industrial designers, learning to develop our own style as architects and visualizers to create products that inspire our customers.

Aram Landeros

Founder + Art direction

Founder and 3D artist at Pixel Folks, he has developed over the last 10 years in finding and improving the best services for real estate, not only in researching solutions but also as a creative director in each company project.


Diego Irigoyen

Partner + 3D Artist

With over 20 years of experience in architecture. He has worked on large-scale projects in both Mexico and the United States, allowing him to gain experience in different architectural styles and learn from different cultures.  His creative approach, attention to detail, and teamwork ability have made him indispensable for the team.

Enrique Portillo

Partner + Photographer

Photographer and 3D artist at Pixel Folks, he has found passion in architectural imagery through the years being able to work as one of the best mexican photographers at the moment.

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